"VOCHT." is the final perfomance of musictheatre student Élénie Wagner, who is known for her cooperation with several artist from different disciplines. "VOCHT" is a cry for attention. A performance about sexuality, provocation and the fear of stains. About the sterile aesthetics of a woman in todays society. The piece is inspired by the best-seller novel "Feuchtgebiete" by Charlotte Roche and music from Marilyn Mazur. During this performance we were responsible for the audiovisual concept and design. This design will form the stagesetting and scenery of "VOCHT.". The movies we made are al based on emoties en feelings our character will go through during this performance. Feelings became abstract images.We also did the branding. (posters, teaser)

Commissioned: Élénie Wagner

Director: Wilmer Weeink