In todays society, all we do is checking our social networks. Width the mass that uses these platforms the content is eroding. This cavity makes the average attention span shorter by day. With our eyes on twitter we can see a funny process going on. If an influential pawn in the network says something that is worth the read it will spread over retweets. But this same principal works with made-up words used in hashtags. The hashtag system that they’re using is an enormously powerful tool for reaching large populations in a short time. In (ebullition) we had a look at hashtag-words in the Bay-Area that only lived for a day or less on twitter. These hypes(hashtags) came up as a mass in a short period of time, after they lived for a day, they died on twitter and where mostly not used again on our time scale. The project will show you how several hashtags grow through a city and who are the most influential in spreading these words.

Commissioned: ArtEZ for Radboud University

Designers: Niels Zweekhorst, Tjerk Woudsma