A traditional cool cellar in an innovative form, for the cooling of large amounts of food. The Ground Fridge makes use of the insulating effect of the ground, so that the temperature remains within the whole year between 10°C and 12°C. Equipped with a ventilation system (to be operated with an app) that monitors temperature and humidity.

Commission: "The basement is inspired by ancient traditions. These underground refrigerator reduces power consumption and makes it possible to jointly build up stocks for the placement, no license required, no reason to be discharged at the burrow. Because of the price it is not directly an individual solution or an alternative to the current refrigerator, but more suitable for corporate purchases. The beautiful property is well presented and put on the market."

Commissioned: Weltevree

Directors: Niels Zweekhorst, Wilmer Weeink

Music: Blue Dot Sessions -02 - Mckrary