MAISON the FAUX is a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house. The house aspires to be an affectionate reaction to the current fashion industry and a big faux wink in the direction of an audience liberated enough to move freely through an often narrow-minded world.

For the show in Paris on the Paris Fashion Week named ‘ANNA’, they asked us to create a series of teasers to make the whole fashion industry curious. The concept of the show was the principle of consuming, repetition, destructiveness, mass and lack of identity. In the teasers we putted all these characteristics back into the character ANNA. The teasers are looping, just as if you put all the teasers in a whole. The teasers contain specially produced audio samples that may be different audio tracks of a self-created beat. In this we you could re use the teasers in a different way. Furthermore, the actions of the characters are consuming and/or destructive.

Commissioned: MAISON the FAUX

Directors: Niels Zweekhorst, Wilmer Weeink

Music: Joshua van de Spreng